I’ve been developing websites for more than 10 years, as a freelancer or working for a company.

Currently interested in WordPress development – as a Freelancer: small to medium websites and Woocommerce shops. I am working with the Divi builder, one of the most versatile WordPress themes, and, where needed, I can develop directly in php / html5 / css3 / js, just like I used to, when creating custom themes. Responsive web design.

I combine my development experience accumulated over the time with visual communication design skills and a passion for web & tech that keeps me aware of what’s new and trendy.

To view my portfolio, please write me at [email protected]

I can design and develop the best WordPress solutions specially crafted for your needs!

I’m open for (interactive) dataviz development using d3.js or for creative alternative infographics/data visualizations (for example see Paper Pie Charts).

2 of my Paper Pie Charts have been published in: Visual Storytelling GESTALTEN 2011, and Information Graphics by TASCHEN 2012.

I used to be an active member of visualizing.org when it existed. I won the 3rd prize at one of their challenges: Visualizing Meteorites.

Now dataviz are a side project for me, because I earn my living from web development. However, occasionally I’m open for such projects.

In 2017 I graduated Interactive Multimedia master on UBB Cluj. I’ve created several new media installations as individual projects or as part of a group. Here are some:

10 Color Horizons – my master graduation project, interactive light sculpture using a projection through fog.
Dynamictexture The Installation – interactive video installation. It was part of the exhibition New Media Castle at the Electic Castle Festival in 2019.
Neon Exposure – interactive video installation made in collaboration with Daria Ioan for the ElektoArts festival.
Is that you? – interactive projection through fog, group installation by Klaus Obermaier students and guests.

I worked in Max Cycling 74, with webcam and kinect sensors. I am more and more willing to work in javarscipt (even if only for the web – see Clock for day and Night), or to combine it with Max.

Origami is a hobby. Intermediate level origami, easy tessellations, for fun, for decoration or for practical use.

Birthday presents, greeting cards, Mărțișoare (little Romanian hand-made crafts that celebrate the arrival of spring), origami + resin jewelry, tessellation curtains, design of dinosaurs for a juice brand and who knows what more.

Most of my origami creations are made from tutorials and diagrams, I rarely figure out how to make improvements / interpretations of my own, but I’d love to evolve to do that more.

I’ve worked with various types of paper, and I love working with duo color patterns.